Friday, February 5, 2010

My Current Craze...

It has been a great week for me! I was finally able to purchase my LONG awaited digital SLR, and I couldn't be happier. N and I are leaving for Florida in the morning for a mini vacation in Orlando, and a family visit in Naples. I've spent my week this week learning about my new camera, and looking for new techniques to try out while we're on our trip.
Cobbles (Panorama), originally uploaded by Panorama Paul.
I came across a photographer this morning on Flickr, who lays out a Photoshop technique I'm dying to try out. Check Out Panorama Paul's tutorial and discussion on Flickr about Vertoramas. I'm anticipating taking some sunset pics while we're in Naples and trying out this technique when I get home!

FYI - I came across the link for the Vertoramas on my latest favorite photo blog - Photojojo, they have fun tips, plus a great store full of unique camera gear!

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