Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fun Baby Book Idea

I got this great idea from one of my favorite sites- younghouselove.com. I wanted to make a fun baby book for Eli marking his first year (Derek and I are really trying to do this for each year for all of our children- we're a few years behind with the girls!) Anyway- on YHL, they take a picture of their daughter, Clara, every on a piece of fun material dressed only in a onesie. Then, John (the dad), uses photoshop to put the week on the onesie so it looks like it was silkscreened on there. Check it out his handiwork here. I loved the idea but didn't think I'd be able to do it weekly (having 3 kiddos and all) so I opted to do it monthly. A few weeks ago, Kaitlin and I set up our first photoshoot with the boy while our boys were off doing manly stuff (they may of actually been at the store buying stuff for supper...can't really remember...but they came back with beer so that makes it manly, right??) Anyway- check out some of the great shots we got that day. Eli was being super cute (as always) so it was easy! The plan is to do a iPhoto book and have 16 shots on the left page from that month then the monthly picture taking up the entire right page. I'm really excited about it!

Happy Boy!

He's Here!

Ok- so it's been awhile...a long while...but my boy finally made his debut February 5th at 12:47am! He share's his first name with Derek's grandfather and a middle name and birthday with his Boppa Martin- Elias Daniel- our sweet Eli. The girls are so in love with him and are always loving on him and wanting to hold and snuggle him. So far, he's been a really good baby- really only cries when he's hungry or during his nightly fussy time (between 8 and 9 pm) but he's quite the snuggler and has cheeks that would rival those of a chipmunk storing food for winter. Labor was fast (it started around 6:00pm Feb 4th) and delivery was faster (5 contractions and all 9 lbs 4 ozs of him was out!) We're so excited to finally have him here and have loved getting to know our little man. Here are some pics from his first couple of weeks here.

Right after he was born

The girls meeting their brother for the first time

Our first picture as a family of 5 (!)

Sweet boy

Sweet big sister

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