Sunday, February 28, 2010

Chiffon Flowers

One of my new obsessions is chiffon flowers! I saw a girl at my Church at Christmas with the CUTEST haircut and the CUTEST black headband with a snappy black chiffon, sparkly flower on it. I thought to myself- I.MUST.HAVE.ONE. I looked around for one and came across a few tutorials online for how to make chiffon flowers so finally, Kaitlin and I settled down to make our very own. We first cut out 5-6 blobby flower shapes, then we singed around the edges with a lighter. I have to admit, I was a little scared of this part- I had visions of the whole thing going up in flames but they actually did pretty well. After the flowers reached a level of desired crispiness, we stacked them and sewed the layers together. Then we sewed little Swarovski crystals through the middle to give it a little sparkle then attached the whole shabang to a headband. I love mine- it's so pretty and feminine. I've since made ones that are just circles which are super cute too and a lot easier then the flowers. Check out the pics below!

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Today I went to a baby shower for my sweet friend, Miranda. Seriously- this girl is the sweetest, most sincere, beautiful person...who is pregnant with her 3rd child, a little boy, due next month- and looks like she just ate a big lunch. Seriously- she has the most adorable baby bump ever- it' would make me sick and not like her very much if she wasn't everything mentioned above- which she is. Anyway- I wanted to make her something special for the new little guy and decided to make something off my SoMeDaY cRaFTs list so I made her the covered wipes case. I was pretty easy and turned out really cute! I coupled it with a pack of diapers and she loved it. Of course, I wanted to make her several other things but my sewing/embroidery machine is misbehaving so I need to take it to the "doctor" this week. I'll post pics of those creations when I get them done. They included a monogrammed burp cloth, a monogrammed bib, and a cute little onesie with an appliqued necktie- a must have for every little boy's wardrobe! Anyway- below is the pic of the wipes case- I love the material!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I'm here! My first MishMosh post and I have a feeling that this blog will reflect our's gonna be CrAzY--it's gonna be NUTS--it's gonna be MAYHEM!!! Ok- so maybe not- but it's going to definitely be a mish mosh of topics. Kaitlin is currently loving her new camera so I'm assuming you'll see lots of great photo posts by her. From me, this site is really a placeholder for my SoMeDaY crafts- having 2 girlies who are 5 and 2 1/2, being involved in my church's woman's ministry, helping head up a local MOPS group, and of course being a wife and friend, I'm a busy girl with an obsession with trying new crafty endeavors. I love the site and I check it daily (ok- so maybe 3 times a day...OK! 5 times a day (at least) - but that's all I'm going to admit to...) I am constantly inspired by the creativity I see on there and I can get lost for a long time reading the blogs featured and blogs from those blogs...I found that there were a lot of things I wanted to make but I needed to keep track of it all so enter this blog. I'll be posting my SoMeDaY crafts here and then posting my progress and pictures as I complete items off my list. Check our etsy site often- you might see some of my creations there for sale! Enjoy!


2x4 birthday banner (super cute!)
lunchbox notecards
felted cookies
Monster pillows
ice skate skirt

pillowcase nightgown
pillowcase dress
jersey skirt
Changing pad
Lovie taggie blanket
Nursing cover
baby kimono
covered wipes case (DONE!)
burp cloths
baby shoes
easy swaddle sheet
reversible headband with ribbon tie
rose barrette
sponge candy

fabric covered pots (MOPS)


Lake Eola Swan Boats, originally uploaded by MishMoshK.

Back from Florida with over 400 RAW files! I don't think I've ever taken that many photos on one trip, but with 8 GB of memory and a rapid shot function, it was difficult to take less. Here's my first try at a Vertorama. I want more contrast in the sky between the clouds, so I'm sure I'll be revisiting this one, but without too much work I must say I'm happy with it.

Something I do differently than Panorama Paul talked about in his tutorial is use the Photomerge tool in Adobe Bridge. I love this tool, and it almost feels like cheating, but it works so well for me 95% of the time, that I prefer to spend my time on color retouching instead of trying to align buildings or natural elements in my pics. More to come, I'm sure!

Friday, February 5, 2010

My Current Craze...

It has been a great week for me! I was finally able to purchase my LONG awaited digital SLR, and I couldn't be happier. N and I are leaving for Florida in the morning for a mini vacation in Orlando, and a family visit in Naples. I've spent my week this week learning about my new camera, and looking for new techniques to try out while we're on our trip.
Cobbles (Panorama), originally uploaded by Panorama Paul.
I came across a photographer this morning on Flickr, who lays out a Photoshop technique I'm dying to try out. Check Out Panorama Paul's tutorial and discussion on Flickr about Vertoramas. I'm anticipating taking some sunset pics while we're in Naples and trying out this technique when I get home!

FYI - I came across the link for the Vertoramas on my latest favorite photo blog - Photojojo, they have fun tips, plus a great store full of unique camera gear!

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