Friday, June 25, 2010

We Went Here!

On Monday, we took a spontaneous trip to an architectural salvage warehouse in Charlotte called Crossland Studio, and had so much fun looking at all of the beautiful old pieces. To name a few things, there were doors, windows, mantles, chairs, door knobs, sinks, bathtubs, barber chairs, stair spindels, cash registers, and Katie's favorite, church pews.

Everything was old, some things refinished, some not.  We both have hopes of someday shopping there as we design our custom built, new but looks old, homes (don't remind our husbands, moving is still too fresh in both of their memories).

The church pew was Katie's favorite find
We both coveted this for our craft rooms.  Too bad it was $$$$$ and neither of us will probably ever buy it, but it was beautiful and functional, and either of us could easily fill it with all of our junk.

My prize for the day was a nickel plated hook to go in our powder room.  We repainted the powder room almost a year ago, and at that time removed the $4 builders special towel rack.  It looks much more appropriate over the wash tub in the garage than it did in my powder room.  Since I removed the eyesore and had N. patch the wall to remove all traces that the ugliness was ever in my home, I haven't found something to replace it that lives up to my expectations.

I know that it's just a towel hook, but I just expect too much sometimes.  I want to LOVE everything I buy for my home.  If we're shopping for a lamp because we have a dark corner that needs to be lit up, if I can't find something I LOVE, I drag N. out of the store and tell him the corner can stay dark for a little longer until I fall in love with the perfect lamp.  This also explains why I have such a mismatch of furniture, an unpainted front hall, and general sparseness when it comes to home decor.  In the front hall, it's probably just a $30 gallon of paint, but I've been unable to select the perfect color that will tie together my buttery yellow kitchen, latte colored family room, tin colored dining room, and my red accent walls.  But the paint color can wait for another day, because after a year, I finally found something I LOVE for the powder room, and bought it.  It also helps me know that I can't walk into seven other people's houses and find the exact thing, which happens frequently when I shop Target or IKEA.

And in regards to all of the beautiful windows, doors mantles and furniture, we'll browse, scheme, plan and dream about where to put that Craftsman style leaded glass window, or which doors need vintage glass knobs someday.  So many things to choose from, and only two houses to put them in!  Here's the video tour of Crossland!

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