Saturday, February 27, 2010


Today I went to a baby shower for my sweet friend, Miranda. Seriously- this girl is the sweetest, most sincere, beautiful person...who is pregnant with her 3rd child, a little boy, due next month- and looks like she just ate a big lunch. Seriously- she has the most adorable baby bump ever- it' would make me sick and not like her very much if she wasn't everything mentioned above- which she is. Anyway- I wanted to make her something special for the new little guy and decided to make something off my SoMeDaY cRaFTs list so I made her the covered wipes case. I was pretty easy and turned out really cute! I coupled it with a pack of diapers and she loved it. Of course, I wanted to make her several other things but my sewing/embroidery machine is misbehaving so I need to take it to the "doctor" this week. I'll post pics of those creations when I get them done. They included a monogrammed burp cloth, a monogrammed bib, and a cute little onesie with an appliqued necktie- a must have for every little boy's wardrobe! Anyway- below is the pic of the wipes case- I love the material!!

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