Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My Craft Room!!

This past summer we gave our youngest daughter the boot from her room and moved the beasties in together. They love being roomies and there hasn't been any problems (yet...they are only 3 and 5...I'm scared of the teenage years!) What did we do with this new found space? We made it my craft room, of course! It's been a wonderful space and I love having it all to myself. A few weeks back, my in-laws came for a visit. Seeing that it was the first time seeing our house, we wanted to make sure it was spic and span for their arrival. I took advantage of this and made sure to take pictures of my super clean craft room (it's since fallen apart...a little...) So here are the pics! I love 'em and just looking at them makes me want to make something!

view 1: the bookshelf in the background is my fabric storage, the short table is my sewing table, and the long table is my multi-craft table
ps- the upholstered cornice board I made to match the room- I love it!

view 2: my wonderful cutting table that I searched high and low for (got it at Ikea in the kitchen island section)- it fits my cutting board perfectly. Eventually there will be a TV on the wall so my hubby can watch TV while I create. (note the clock on the wall- I made it out of a plate and stickers...and the lamp- made of little rosebuds from Hobby Lobby and glued on)

view 3: the white cupboard in the background is my gift wrapping station

another view of the wrapping station- cards, tissue paper, ribbons...it's all there. And the drawer hols the tape scissors and labels. (the wreath and R have since been combined and hung above the cupboard...stay tuned for that one!)

view 4: the closet- it's since be revamped for efficiency

Friday, November 26, 2010

A Baby Thing (or two...or three...or ten)

So I'm officially 20 weeks pregnant (well- I was 30 weeks this past Wednesday.) Which means less then 10 weeks until Baby Boy gets here which means less then 10 weeks to get myself (and my family AND this house) organized and working like a well oiled machine (riiiiight- just wanted to see what it felt like to write that....) Anywho- maybe because it's the holiday season or maybe because of the baby's imminent arrival or maybe because I know my time will be at a premium once he gets here but I'm feeling rather crafty lately! I thought I'd post a few things I'd like to do before Baby Boy arrives mainly to organize it in my own mind and so I don't forget the things I'd like to make. So enjoy and if you have a bun in the oven too or are looking for some fun baby gifts, then check out the tutorials I found!

Nursing Cover

Changing Pad Cover

Binky Straps

Wooden Monograms

Easy Swaddle Sheet

Crinkle Toy

Blanket with Mitered Corners

Baby Hat

Crib Sheet

Wet Bag

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Super Girls!

My beasties wanted to be superheroes for Halloween so off I went in search of the perfect tutorial to make a cape. I found it on thelongthread.com. They turned out really cute and I love the sparkly belts (1 inch elastic sequin trim), wrist bands and masks (silver glittery bathing suit material) I made for them. My husband said they couldn't be REAL superheroes until they had masks. All of the materials I got from my favorite cloth store called Mary Jo's. This place is a HUGE mecca of fabric delight (how's that for an advertisement?) Check it out here.

check out the pumpkin I made- it was a bumpy one that I painted green and then puff painted the face on. The hat was from the dollar bin at Target (it was a pet costume)- sweet, huh?

that's one good lookin' candy man!


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