Wednesday, March 31, 2010

She's Coming Here!!!

So Katie and I are pretty excited right now.  We just found out that Pioneer Woman is coming to Charlotte on May 7th!  Back before we were bloggers, we did something crazy, abandoned our husbands and homes and made the drive to Atlanta Georgia to see Ree Drummond in person and have her sign our cookbooks.  Now, normally this wouldn't be crazy, it's a road trip, but the thing was the timing:

3:00 pm - I pick up Katie at her house and we leave Charlotte
7:00 pm - We arrived in Atlanta only to find out the signing started an hour early
7:00 - 10:30 pm - Stood in line with some awesome and equally obsessed people waiting to have our cookbooks signed
11:00 pm - left Atlanta for our 4 hour drive home
3:00 am - Arrive back at Katie's house safely to drop her off
4:00 am - In bed, ready to sleep

All for this.
Pretty much anyone I tell this story to thinks I'm crazy, unless they're fellow food blog lovers.  I'm not usually a book signing type person.  I love books, but I'm happy enough having the words or information of the author, I don't need a personal message and autograph to go along with it.  But after reading The Pioneer Woman's blog and realizing our common interests, I was really excited about going to meet her.

My first hook was the food blogging.  She takes the most beautiful photos of what she cooks, and goes step by step, usually with no less than 25 photos to a recipe, start to finish.  She also took all of her own photographs for her cookbook, which is just beautiful.

But in further reading, I also love her photography section, and have learned a lot about photography and post processing in photoshop.  The home and garden section is great too, since I'm an interior designer, and love gardening, and pretty much all things home and garden.  Her Confessions section, while I can't relate, since my suburban home is nothing like a cattle ranch, is hysterical.  And, I don't have kids, so the Homeschooling section is entertaining at best, but not very useful for me personally.  Four out of five is pretty good though.

Overall, it was a great adventure, and now Ree's cookbook has found a place of honor on the most important bookshelf in my home -

More important than that autograph, it was a great adventure with Katie doing something we never expected to do!

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  1. Kaitlin & Katie, What a great tribute to someone who you admire, and one of the many many things you two share - love of cooking and experimenting. Love the photos (especially of you two and Ree! Keep loving what you love to do! Love - Chris/Mom


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