Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Putting it out there

Ok- so I'm putting this out there- I want to learn how to quilt. Everything about me and the type of crafter I am screams "non-quilter!!" I don't like to measure things...I'm an "eyeball it" kinda girl. Nothing about me says precision. I don't "do" patterns either...I hate them with a passion...I bought one a few months back and I opened it and proceeded to toss it behind me. I like tutorials online (hence by deep, burning love for oneprettything.com) So back to quilting- I look at it as being kinda like Romeo and Juliet- we admire eachother from afar but know we can never be together. Ok- so a little dramatic, but that's how I roll. Anywho- I'm putting it out there- I want to make a quilt...a pretty one...a big one (a doll sized one doesn't count...) Ok- now I'm scared...

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