Sunday, April 11, 2010

Insulated Table Runner

I found this nifty stuff at the local fabric store- a place I love to go and get lost in often- and it's what is used to insulate oven mitts and pot holders so you don't burn your fingerprints off. I wanted to make something for my dining room table that was insulated and pretty and long that I could lay down and put hot dishes on instead of the ugly brown cork trivets I have. I'll post pics once I get the project done, but I find that if I write about it here, I'm more likely to get it done in a timely manner. Hey- with a bustling household, 2 young children, and a hubby, I'm a busy girl! Anywho- I'll be back with pics- I'm excited!!

UPDATE- I finished the table runner yesterday. It was a pain in the rear so I didn't take pics of the process. I think when my mom sees it, she'll want one too so I'll take pics of that one...maybe. My first one is always the test piece because I know I'll probably screw it up somewhere (enter yoga bags which have been evolving nicely...) Below are the pics of the table runner- I'll let you know how it works once I put something hot on it. I like how it matches the rest of the house (in the last picture you can see the color in the kitchen-perfect!)

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