Saturday, October 2, 2010

Nap Towel Revamp

My youngest daughter started preschool a few weeks back (sniff) and she needed a towel to take "rest time" on. I use the term "rest time" very loosely- try getting 15 3 year olds to lay down and be still for 10 minutes and see how successful you are! Anyway- I couldn't just send in a normal towel. I needed to make it pretty so I looked through my ribbon stash and found some chute ribbon that matched perfectly and set to work. First I embroidered her name (I couldn't just write it in sharpie on the tag!) and then I used some stitch witch to attach the ribbon to the towel (so it wouldn't slide around when I sewed it. Then I tacked down either side with a basic stitch on my sewing machine and I was done! A super cute towel that she wriggles around on for 10 minutes a day.

The original towel...BORING!!

The updated version...cute!

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