Saturday, October 2, 2010

Craft Room Clock

As you may know, I gave my youngest daughter the boot out of her room and moved her in with her bigger sister so I could convert her room to my craft room...selfish? I think not. Their room is actually huge and they LOVE sharing. Anywho- I'm still in the process of taking pictures of the finished result (actually- the room is currently in shambles from about 30 projects I've been working on so I'm embarrassed to take pics...) but I did want to share a cute clock that I made for the room. I originally had a wooden square clock that I dismantled and was going to mod podge some scrapbook paper to the back and reassemble it and hang that- a nice simple re-use project, right? WRONG- as soon as I took the back off, all the clock dials started coming undone- it was a mess. SO I moved onto plan B. With the help of my trusty craft buddy, Kaitlin, we set off to create a plate clock. I had seen several of these at the bakery Amelie's in Charlotte, NC and I loved them. They looked easy enough so off I went to get the necessary materials. I needed a plate (duh) $3 from Homegoods, a clock kit $6 from Hobby Lobby (plus 40% off), scrapbook numbers $2 from Hobby Lobby, a dremel drill, and drill bits meant for porcelain or glass $12 for 4 sizes at Lowe's. We submerged the plate under water (in my handy dandy lasagna pan) and started drilling. Slow at first then faster when I became inpatient but eventually we had a hole big enough for the clock kit. The rest of the assembly was easy then I added my sticker numbers and voila! A plate clock! Here are some pics...

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