Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fabric Covered Lamp- Tutorial

Ahhhh- our first official tutorial! So I'm officially obsessed with Mod Podge- it's a wonderful creation and I've been mod podging everything- my husband is a little scared- I can see it in his eyes. Anywho- the other day, I was organizing The Beasties playroom (for about the 50th time this year) and I noticed the sad little lamp sitting on their book case. It's from Ikea and the base is black and the shade is white. If you know me at all- that's so BORING!! So I decided to introduce the lamp shade to my new love- Mod Podge! The result? A super cute, girly lamp shade that looks awesome in their playroom. Check it out below!

Tape 4 pieces of scrap paper together (recycle baby!)

Set the shade to the edge of the paper and using a pencil, along the outside edge of the shade, trace the path of the shade as you roll it.

like this...
(like my posed hand? I'm not left handed...but I needed to be for the picture...)

It should look like this when you're done...

Cut out the pattern and lay it on your material (isn't this material super cute??)
(make sure the pattern is going the right way- I cut out two that were upside down...scrap pile!)

Cut it out leaving about 1/4 inch clearance on all sides...

Get your Mod Podge...hello love!

Using a nasty foam brush leftover from another craft (and apparently not washed in time...) smear the Mod Podge on your shade- one row at a time (so it doesn't dry on you) and adhere the fabric- rubbing it to get any air bubbles out.

Run some Mod Podge along the lip of the shade and fold the material over the edge.
(on a side note- I've realized I'll never be a hand model...)

Set the shade right side up and admire your work.

Attach to the lamp base and show all your friends- viola! You're done -go you!

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