Monday, August 9, 2010

So much to share!

Good grief! Has it been long enough? I go into summer every year dreaming about carefree days where much will get accomplished and all will be happy and tanned by the end of it and about halfway through I wake up. We are one busy crew here! Especially add to it the fact that I'm now 15 weeks pregnant (yipee!) and exhaustion pretty much made the first half of the summer nothing but a hot, sunshiney blur. It's been like 900 degrees here for about the last 2 months- I believe we skipped right over spring and got into the dead of summer within a matter of days and here we stand. So- not only do I have 2 beasties to chase after, but I'm 15 weeks pregnant, trying desperately to NOT gain 60 lbs with this one (it's ugly...really, really ugly), and possibly living on the surface of the sun- whew! BUT, I'm back (for now) and boy do I have a lot to share...we have the craft room set up (it's not quite done yet- but almost!) and I LOVE IT!! The color is perfect, the crown Derek and Nate put up is perfect, the furniture is perfect (I'll tell you about my cutting table another time) and it's a great spot to go and create. Never mind the fact I have about 30 unfinished projects or things I'd like to do (which I should probably do in the next 5 months- I somewhat recall newborns being kind of a time-suck...that's all a blur too...) Anywho- I'm back and ready to post! Maybe when school starts it'll be better?? Maybe not...

:) Katie

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